Our legal advisors are in close contact with the rest of the team

We understand better than anyone the importance of documenting legal matters properly; prevention is better than cure, after all. As our legal advisors work together with BonsenReuling’s tax advisors, the fiscal and legal aspects of reorganisations, acquisitions and business successions, for example, are clarified and the best possible result is achieved. It couldn’t be more convenient! As an entrepreneur you can then focus on the things that are important to you.


Alongside these disciplines you will, of course, also benefit from the knowledge available within the rest of our team. Our legal experts work together closely with Payroll & HR to ensure you receive the best possible legal advice in the field of personnel and organisation. Thanks to this wealth of in-house expertise, we can look at your organisation from different perspectives. That’s how we make sure we see the big picture.

Possible questions in the area of legal advice

As an entrepreneur are you unsure about the answer to the questions below? Or are you aware that certain things could be documented or organised better at your company? Then don’t delay and get legal advice from one of our specialists.

As an entrepreneur you will go through different phases with your company, from building up the business through to its potential sale. Getting good legal advice is essential here. After all, you will want to make sure your life’s work will be in good hands and avoid any surprises.

Possible scenarios with which we can help:

  • Do you want to restructure or reorganise your company and require legal advice?
  • Do you want to acquire a company or sell a division of your business?
  • Do you want to enter into a collaboration with another company?
  • Do you want to organise your company’s legal structure in such a way that your liability risks are minimised?
  • Are you looking for a legal advisor to check your general terms and conditions?
  • Does your company need a good personnel handbook or social media policy?
  • Can I deviate from the collective labour agreement when it comes to personnel-related matters?
  • Can an employee go on holiday while he/she is sick?

Just a selection of the tax-law issues we handle

This is just a selection of the issues that our legal experts deal with. Do you have a legal question? Then get in touch with one of our legal experts.


You can, of course, always arrange a no-obligation appointment to discuss matters such as those touched on above. Our legal experts will be happy to look at them with you and, if you wish, can carry out a legal scan at your company to check that your affairs are in order from a legal perspective and whether there are still any aspects that could be improved.


Legal advice from BonsenReuling will help you and your company take a real step forward.

Ingmar Pondes

Managing partner | Tax advisor

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