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BonsenReuling Accountants & Adviseurs

The partnership BonsenReuling Accountants & Adviseurs is made up of ten professional corporations and is registered with the Chamber of Trade and Industry for Central Gelderland under number 09193643. Its VAT number is NL 004477005B01.


The audit activities are carried out in a separate company.

ECOVIS BonsenReuling Audit B.V.

Our audit activities are carried out by ECOVIS BonsenReuling Audit B.V. ECOVIS BonsenReuling Audit B.V. performs statutory audits in compliance with the Audit Firms Supervision Act (Wta).


The Wta stipulates that only audit firms with a licence from the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM) may perform statutory audits. The AFM has granted ECOVIS BonsenReuling Audit B.V. this licence under licence number 13000746. This is included in the public register on the AFM’s website.


ECOVIS BonsenReuling Audit B.V. is registered with the Chamber of Commerce for Central Gelderland under number 09186902. The VAT number is NL 819906396B01.

ECOVIS BonsenReuling B.V.

At ECOVIS BonsenReuling B.V., we will advise you on all aspects of international business, both within Europe and beyond. Through ECOVIS we are part of a global network of accountants, auditors and advisors in more than 60 countries.


ECOVIS BonsenReuling B.V. is registered with the Chamber of Commerce for Central Gelderland under number 66836573. The VAT number is NL 856718087B01.

Frank Maarsingh Managing partner | Accountant

Mark de Jonge Managing partner | Tax advisor

Emma Willemsen
Rob Droppers Accountant

Hester van Seventer Senior Legal Expert

Geerke Vos Managing partner | Senior legal expert

Roel Wieggers Managing partner | Accountant

Harmien Prins-Rouw Senior Payroll Accountant

Joost van Eimeren
mr. Angelo Kumeling RB
Bibi van den Bragt Compliance officer

Geert Koster ICT-coördinator

Koen Gerritsen Managing partner | Accountant

Arthur Janssen Managing partner | Tax advisor

Dennis Kemerink LL.M. Senior tax advisor

Martijn Schotman Managing partner | Accountant

Susanne Eijkelkamp MSc RA
Daniël Oberink Senior payroll accountant

Jurgen Nijhof Accountant

Patty Kemp Senior Payroll Accountant

Armand Fanchamps Tax advisor

mr. Sanne Freriks

Daniela Striekwold LL.M. Tax advisor

Nicol Stemerdink
Silke van der Kolk Payroll Accountant

Max Maarsingh MSc
Mark Janssen Managing partner | Accountant

Stefan Klijn Managing partner | Accountant

Joëlle Leijzer RB
Wouter ten Have Relatiebeheerder

mr. Ruben Knikkink RB
Monique Nijman Medewerker officemanagement

Toin de Ruiter

Pim Scholten Payroll Accountant

Ingmar Pondes Managing partner | Tax advisor